3 Tips for Developing a Signature Talk

3 Tips for Developing a Signature Talk

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My team and I aren’t afraid to work “out of the box” around Grow Your Business Coaching. In fact, we know that it’s the out-of-the-box thinking and actions that can make a huge impact for small businesses.

One very ‘out of the box’ idea for lead generation is selling from the stage. It isn’t so alien to me, but it is for many business owners.

Because I know how profitable it can be, I have developed several programs to make the system work:

  1. Workshops to help business professionals like you to develop speaking skills, which are important if you are going to pursue speaking as a sales opportunity.
  2. Programs that help guide you to create a signature talk and the all-important pitch built into it.
  3. Materials to help you follow-up and nurture leads you get at speaking events.

Start with a good signature talk

All three areas I address in the workshops are critical parts of a successful strategy to sell from the stage. But it begins because you have something to share, something to say. I just want to give you a few tips to creating an effective signature talk:

  • Be specific. You don’t have to talk about everything you offer or do. Choose one of the primary services or products. Explain how it benefits customers, the value it brings and the expertise you have in that area.
  • Be clear. Provide specific details and particular examples that make your topic clear and easy to understand.
  • Make one offer. Sure, you could tell the audience every offer you have available. But you might just want to collect contact information. Maybe you will use a text-in system, have contact cards that can be filled out, or a sign-up sheet for a demonstration.

Successfully selling from the stage takes skill development, preparation and planning. But it is well worth the effort. And, one of the best parts, is that you can build it once and use it for a long, long time. All it takes is one signature talk to get started. The second talk takes less time and the third becomes a natural process.

If you want more information about selling from the stage and speaking skills that are coming up or how we can work together to make it happen for you, contact me for a complimentary consultation or drop me a note at jack@gybcoaching.com.

Let’s get “out of the box” and make business better!

To Your Success!

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