Objections Are Your Opportunity!

Go for No! to optimize opportunity!

Does the word “No” scare you?

What do you do when you hear your prospect say “No?”

Here are some ideas to keep you in the game ofter your prospect says, “No.”

Begin by examining the positive aspects of a prospect’s objections to see them as challenges. Any salesperson – and we’re all salespeople – who wants a sale without difficult questions should go to the stadium and sell hot dogs! The point is, without the challenges of selling, you would simply be an order-taker, and sales is certainly not that!

Where would you prefer to be on the financial ladder?

In terms of personal satisfaction, the number of objections you meet on a daily basis in your particular marketplace tends to indicate the amount of money and prestige that is assigned to your particular position. Have you ever thought, people are rewarded for the amount of difficulty that goes with what they do?

Going back to the ball park example, common knowledge tells us that those who sell hot dogs at ballgames definitely do not generate as much income as those who encounter objections regularly in their sales positions. Would you rather be on top, facing numerous objections throughout your sales day, or on the bottom, facing no objections or adversity but making no money?

Objections are YOUR OPPORTUNITY!

You should be optimistic when you are faced with an objection or tough question.You should see this objection as an indicator that you are moving in some sort of direction: either successfully completing the sale or failing to make the sale. In either case you know where you are and what you need to do in order to move ahead, take corrective action, or break off the relationship.

When a prospect voices his or her concern over a certain aspect of your product or service, a chance has arisen for you to redirect your sales presentation. You now have the chance to move away from things that the prospect sees as undesirable in favor of moving towards those things that the prospect wants from you, your organization, or your product or service. Unless the prospect’s objections completely blow away your product’s benefits, you still have the opportunity to save the sale.

Objections also give you the opportunity to hone your sales skills. The more objections that you face and successfully conquer, the better salesperson you become. As you start to notice patterns in the ways prospects present their objections as well as the consistent themes in these objections, you will be able to almost predict what kinds of objections your prospects will present.
You’ll learn how to ask questions that help you flush them out or even eliminate them. Knowledge leads to improvement, so knowledge involving the ways you deal with prospects’ objections can only lead to improvement in your sales record, and, in turn, improvement in your income.

While objections obviously present salespeople with barriers to actually finalizing transactions, viewing these objections and tough questions in a positive light can only help you make more sales. Objections can be seen as challenging aspects of your sales job and mastering objections can lead to an improvement in your sales performance as well as your income.
Objections may also be seen as a guide that points you in the right direction toward closing the sale. Finally, these questions and objections help the salesperson become skilled in dealing with objections. Remember, “Practice does make Perfect,” and the case of conquering objections is no different.

So, this week… (to quote a great book you should have in your library, “Go For No!”)

If you want better sales and communication skills on your team, we need to talk!

To your success!

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