There Aint No Do Like Dana Dew – A Lesson in Experience

I really like sharing customer service stories both on the good side and the bad. This one though is all good… very good! This past week I traveled to Dallas Texas with my good friend Patric Welch, Mr Noobie along with about 28 other folks from Indianapolis to attend the Glazier Kennedy Super Conference. More on the Super Conference at a later time.

In the hotel where we stayed, the Hyatt Regency downtown, like most any hotel you would find across the united States had a restaurant. Most of the internal hotel restaurant’s I have encountered have below average food and crappy service. The Hyatt Regency had a secret weapon named Dana! Patric and I met Dana on day one, last Thursday morning and she made the week. We didn’t plan on sitting in her section of the restaurant but boy did we get lucky when we did. Now, something you need to know is that Patric and I neither one, like coffee so we usually have a soda of some type with our meals. For both of us that preferred soda is a Diet Mountain Dew. The challenge most restaurants let alone hotel restaurants don’t have, don’t offer and don’t care if you get a Diet Dew or not. Well… Not the Hyatt Regency in Dallas and Dana!

She asked do you want coffee and we said that we would prefer a Diet Mountain Dew would that be possible. She smiled and said, let me see what I can do. A short minute or two later… here came Dana’s (assistant George) helper with two tall glasses filled and chilled with Diet Dew. Dana told us George had gone to the banquets department and secured a couple just for Patric and I.

From then on, when we went into the Centennial Cafe, two Diet Dews came immediately. Dana called each of us by name and became a local hero to both Pat and I. We told everyone we knew or met, Facebook and Twitter too about Dana!

The lesson for your business… How are you exceeding your customers expectations? What specifically do you do that is above and beyond like Dana did? What do your customers, patients or clients experience? I want to make sure you do realize that when your clients, customers or patients have an experience anywhere in the world like Patric and I did in Dallas… and they do all the time, when they receive service from you… they compare and assess it against that WOW experience. Then, when they leave you for another vendor, you’ll hear it was the price. But it wasn’t the cost of your product or service as most think, it was the experience. They paid more than they received in experience overtime.

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