They Just Don’t Mix and Your Business Suffers

Here’s a little fact that we all need to remember: Responsibility and procrastination do not work together.

Most of us have procrastinated at one time or another. Here’s an example of how procrastination, when added actually multiplies… Let’s say a you’ve chosen to ignore the law by not abiding by the speed limit (I know none of my readers would do such a thing). It’s not so bad except what if you did it again within a few months. Not only would you get a couple of tickets but what if you failed to pay them. Here’s how that scenario plays out,  you had a responsibility and procrastinated or ignored the tasks and your license got suspended. The next time you happen to get pulled over the consequences would be much more serious than lack of responsibility.

What if we chose to run our business, put off making calls, don’t send that Thank You note,  or put off planning? What if we successfully brought in new clients and then procrastinated or ignored the need to complete the assignment or job in a timely manner? The most probable consequences are you will lose the clients, (if you’re in a job you would most certainly be reprimanded), and worse than all, your reputation would be diminished.

Jim Rohn talked about it this way, “We’ve all heard the expression, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Well what if that’s true? Wouldn’t that be east to do – eat an apple a day? Here’s the problem: It’s also easy not to do.”

Stop putting off until tomorrow what you can accomplish today! Tips to make the most of daily movement forward:

  • Baby Steps—(Ever seen the movie What About Bob?) Start on the project or task completing one step at a time and before long you are almost complete.
  • Thoroughly check and recheck your work. Do not leave out any of the steps. Make sure the tasks are correct and complete.
  • Completion to satisfaction. If the task is for someone else, make sure they are satisfied. If for you, you have to be satisfied just in the fact that you have the task out of the way!
  • Check in with an accountability partner to make sure the simple but important tasks get done!

If you have been procrastinating on tasks that fall under your responsibility, start today! Do not let your reputation be ruined by lack of motivation. A good reputation carries a lot of weight in business and personal pursuits.

To your success!

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