Use a Follow-up Strategy for Higher Conversion Rates

Use a Follow-up Strategy for Higher Conversion Rates

This is important: An educated prospect is your best prospect.

What is an educated prospect? They know:

  1. Why you are different
  2. What your value proposition is
  3. How you are uniquely qualified to meet their needs
  4. They know how to buy from you that serves you both

You have answered their questions and, in essence, pre-qualified them. You can also overcome the objections they have to buy as well.

And you can do all of that through a follow-up sequence after meeting them for the first time! (Although this same system can apply to hot leads and to customers you already service or supply.)

You can do this through direct mail or through automated emails. I encourage you to look at it from a more global viewpoint. No matter how you do it, your follow up sequence should be a series of communications building on each other – educating your prospect and establishing your relationship in the know-like-trust cycle.

Before a phone call: Follow-up  “formula”

41404227_sI don’t like to limit this process to a specific numbered approach, because it can vary, so I will give you an example that you can follow as a starting point. After you see the “formula” you will be able to modify it in the future, tweaking it to what works for you and your business.

Start with a “Hello, glad to meet you” communication after the initial meeting.

Then, send a mailing. Email or via USPS; the materials you can use vary, but can include: special reports, audio CDs or videos. Note: always include a “next-step-offer” with this mailing. Perhaps you offer a free download or a special offer, discount or complimentary consultation.

When sending the next letter or communique, note the prior letter; 10 days ago I sent you… or stamp the envelope with 2nd Notice or even better yet, put something “lumpy” in the envelope so your letter won’t fit in the stack and must sit on top of the stack of mail on your prospect’s desk.

For direct mail, three to five mailings spaced three to seven days apart is good. Each should provide additional educational information about you, your business and offerings.

If your follow-up sequence is via email, you can send as many as you like in the sequence, many say seven is the magic number – but each one should build on the last and continue with additional offers including special reports, downloadable checklists, etc. An important note here is that you want each mailing to have only one call to action. If there are too many, the prospect won’t do them all and will get confused – and a confused mind ALWAYS says no!

No matter your mode of communication, each should also address one of the sales objections you know are coming – and overcome it.

Use enticing language – “I’m shocked you haven’t taken me up on any of my offers so I’m going to make you one you simply can’t afford to miss” or “What’s holding you back?”

Encourage them to buy from you along the way with offers, too.

By the time you make the first actual phone call to them, it’s not a cold call at all. They will recognize you, your business and already know what you can do for them. Just think how far along in the sales process that takes you!

Use follow-up as part of your marketing plan. It will reduce the sales cycle and increase your conversion rate. And, one of the best things, is that if you make it automatic, you do it once and use it forever. You are not having to repeat yourself over and over in face-to-face meetings. You are providing prospects with all the information they need to buy from you before you ever utter a spoken word!

Take the time to create a follow-up system. You will find that you build your business faster and bigger with proven systems and approaches that work.
To Your Success!

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