When the Team Doesn’t Win and Plans Go Awry…

When the team doesn’t win and plans go awry as they sometimes do… here’s a little something to keep in mind.

Tommy and I sat down this morning to talk about some upcoming trainings, coaching and speaking engagements as we do every Monday morning. But today, we began the conversation about the Zionsville, Brownsburg and Colts football teams. What did they all three have in common… they all three lost this past weekend.

Tommy reminded me about the S.C.O.R.E. acronym and how it can help us all when things don’t go as we expect and I wanted to pass it along this week.

The S stands for Self Discipline – It’s the homework you need to do to get ready for the event. Both the mental and physical part of the preparation. You have to take the necessary time to get ready to excel with your mind-set and physically. Practice!

The C stands for Concentration – You have to focus on your role and what you need to do, especially the small seemingly insignificant things.

The O stands from Optimism – You must have positive expectations about your desired outcome. First to have a desired outcome and secondly to see it come to be before it actually does. Believe!

The R stands for Relaxed – You see once you know you have done all you can to prepare and you’re focused on what you are to do and you believe you can accomplish the task at hand then and only then, you can relax and enjoy the execution. This might be a place where my beloved Colts are falling short. They are so focused on making BIG plays and overplaying their role to contribute to a win that they are missing their individual roles. One piece of evidence of this is that players are getting hurt. If you overplay it usually doesn’t turn out too good. You must do what your role is designed to do and be relaxed, mind like water to be your best.

The E stands for Enjoyment – If you’ve done the prep work and you’re concentrating on the job at hand, all aspects, you believe you can accomplish the task and you are relaxed. Then you can enjoy the journey. Enjoy the game!

I hope this little acronym developed by author and coach Jim Fannin helps you be even better in your role and in your results!

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