Where do you think?

Sounds like a very strange question doesn’t it? It’s not “What do you think?” it’s “Where do you think?”

Where do you go when you want to create? A paper, a message, a proposal? If you don’t have a place you retreat to when you want to create you might think about having one.

A few years ago I subscribed to an audio tape (those were the way to listen to portable audio before CDs and before iPods) program by a guy named Mike Vance. Unfortunately Mike discontinued the subscription program. Mike was the very first Dean of Disney. He was there in the beginning when Walt Disney was creating the Disney experience. As a matter of fact, Mike said that Walt told him he (Mike) was the most creative guy that he (Walt) knew.

I saw Mike talk at a program in Indianapolis many years ago and I was blown away. I got it! I absolutely loved his style and creative thinking and I absorbed as much as I could of Mike Vance!

Mike always talked about creating a “Kitchen for the Mind” in your home or office environment and I took it to heart. We have a room at our house that is our Kitchen for the Mind. It’s where we go to create, to read, to dream and to make plans. Unfortunately, the room isn’t as big as I would like it to be… but it’s what I have and I enjoy it.

There are books galore in that room, audio, video and DVD programs there. There is a stereo, a TV, a VCR (again what you used to record TV shows or movies on before DVDs) a DVD player… Pictures, white boards, cork boards, a drawing table and flip charts.

You don’t have to have a dedicated room… Starbucks, Big Apple Bagel or a State Park could be that special place you retreat to to create. You could use headphones on your phone to listen to inspiring music and utilize some type of portable writing / drawing surface.

Try it sometime. Make a special place you go to think. Then when someone asks “Where do you go to think?” you’ll have an answer that will inspire and cause them to dream a little. I’d like to hear where you go to think.

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