Wouldn’t You Think They Would Think

This past week while working with a client who uses a “Lunch and Learn” strategy for marketing was telling me about a lunch they provided for a local car dealership. The client was telling me how the sales people for the dealership were mostly rude and in a way mocked their presentation. we discusses strategies to mitigate this type of behavior happening in future and how to “get over” this occurrence.

Here’s what struck me as “not thinking” and I think it’s a big mistake the sales people at the dealership made in this situation. Besides being down right rude, they missed an opportunity. Now, unless I don’t understand auto sales, and that could be based on the practices of many dealerships and sales people especially those mentioned in this writing.

Sales people no matter what they’re selling need to see people! There were 40 in attendance at the “Lunch and Learn at that very dealership albeit not attentive nor polite for the most part. I would think that at least one out of 40 or maybe a sales manager might have put 2 and 2 together.

Something like, “hmmm… there are 40 of us here…” and then asked a question of my client. “How many of these “Lunch and Learn” programs do you hold on a weekly basis?

They answer would have been, “At least 4 preferably 5”

To which the becoming enlightened sales person might have asked… “and how many people are in attendance at each “Lunch and Learn?”

The answer to that question would have been… “anywhere from 5 to 60” My math is rough but I think that’s probably anywhere from 20 to 240 each week…

And, if it were you, what would you do next?

Would you simply say “hmpf”, shrug your shoulders and complain to any that would listen about how hard it is to sell in this economy… or would you have said… “How can we at (dealership name) support you, work with you, sponsor you, etc, etc.

My client was doing all the work to find, set up and provide lunch for people who if treated correctly could just as easily be prospects for the car dealership or even some other business…

The question to ask yourself is… what opportunities am I missing to work with someone I already work with to help them and sell to their clients?

But… not everyone thinks that way… too bad!

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