An Irish Jig

Today I witnessed a brilliant marketing ploy for financial services reps! I was attending the Brownsburg Chamber of Commerce regular monthly meeting and was expecting the same kind of meeting that almost every meeting has come to be.a When my friend Jeff Binkley of Binkley Wealth Management was introduced to give a special presentation.

Bink, as he’s know in these parts, talked briefly about Saint Patricks Day and his love for the holiday and the celebration associated with the day in American culture. Now if you don’t know Jeff Binkley, he is a fiery redhead and very involved in the community and with the arts in our town and county(Brownsburg).

After Jeff’s brief remarks about the symphonic orchestra and his involvement in same he introduced Natalie Grimes of the Grimes Girls. Natalie was solo today but she usually performs with her sister and the appear as the Grimes Girls (

Natalie played some traditional Irish and scottish folk music along with her favorite bluegrass song. I think 4 or 5 songs in total. As she played I began to look around the room and all I saw were smiling faces and tapping toes!

Too many financial services reps bitch and moan about how they are hamstrung by compliance and can’t market! Well bitchers and moaners… Jeff proved you way wrong today!

So, what does this have to do with marketing for financial services you ask… I’ll tell you! Jeff had placed on every table a few flyers wishing the recipient a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day and on the same page of bright green well wishes… he had prominently placed his logo and web address (

Jeff clearly showed on the flyer that the performance was presented by Binkley Wealth Management Group. Jeff is now forever associated with bringing a smiling face and a tapping toe to all in attendance. What feeling are you leaving your clients, prospects and friends with to associate with you and your services! Kudos Jeff! A job well done and pat on the back for thinking outside the box!

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