Why Can’t THEY Get It Right?

During the season of lent, I try to give up something that I truly enjoy. I also add something that will make me better. This year is no different, I gave up Diet Dew and Ice Cream! If you know me, you know I always have a Diet Dew close by! It’s almost as much of my trademark as my red socks!

Well, since I gave up the Diet Dew for lent, I am drinking more water, that’s good. I am also drinking some lemon-aid and iced tea but that is causing a problem. The problem is not the caffeine withdrawals, its not the headaches, it’s the dang iced tea of all things.

Why can’t THEY get it right? If you ever drink iced tea at a restaurant you would have to notice that nobody can get it right. Let’s say you enjoy a nice glass of iced tea and you order a tea at your favorite restaurant on Monday and it’s absolutely delicious! Then on the next visit, even if it’s the very next day the tea tastes like crap!

I’m not a coffee drinker, but do you coffee drinkers experience the same thing. One day it’s the best and the very next time… not so much! I just don’t get it! How hard can it be to mix the same amount of tea in the same amount water?

Even the golden arches, McDonalds, world famous for consistency in taste can’t seem do it! The hamburger, Big Mac’s and fries taste the same the world over, but the tea… Nope!

Here’s my point… what in your business is not consistent? It seems easy enough to answer a phone… but is it done the same way every time? It seems easy enough to send a thank you note or e-mail but does it have to be created every time?

Take a step back and look at all the major customer touch points and double check that you have a “process” or “system” in place to ensure consistency. The tea you mix incorrectly may cost you a customer… maybe one of your most profitable customers. Don’t let that happen!

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