Beware of the tail!

With just about everything there is a tail! Meaning, when you begin a task, project or undertaking of any kind there will always be a series of events that you might not have planned on. It’s true with government too. I don’t remember ever hearing of the concept “unintended consequences” until the past few years. Don’t worry, this is certainly is not a political treatise. It is just as important as a good thorough debate though.

I remember teaching a Get Client’s Now!™ session, which I do from time to time and there was one particular person who really went to work on her business and created a solid flow of new prospects into her business. That sounds great and you’re probably expecting a but… so here’s the but… She had no process for follow-up with all those new prospects. She saw the tsunami coming but did nothing to prepare for it. What she did next, surprised me! She did more prospecting. I thought how weird… no follow-up system and yet she prospects more. Eventually she became overwhelmed with all the work she had created and stopped prospecting. Her business his a slump.

A few weeks ago I wrote about having a process a system. What is the flow of people through your system? From suspect, to prospect to client to satisfied client to raving fan and source of many referrals.

With that said, I just put forth a series of at least 5 or 6 steps you could model and put into your business. But will you? That is the sixty-four thousand dollar question. Because if you answer it affirmatively, you could earn $64,000 from the implementation of the process. I’ve noticed when people are going through the Get Client’s Now!™ process for growing their business, when they shut down and quit is just after they’ve generated a boat load of new prospects but then they don’t know what to do with them. They report they’re just not organized enough or they go too busy and they’re exactly correct.

Take the time on the back of a Steak-n-shake or Bob Evans placemat, enjoy a cola or cup of coffee and map out your process. Start with a series of 5 or 6 squares, draw out the tail to your business. Don’t worry about making a mistake, heck it’s only a cheap restaurant placemat… that is until you have your process all drawn out and then magically it becomes a treasure map!

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