A simple question you don’t answer…

What would you set out to do this year if you knew absolutely, without a doubt, you could not fail?

Seems like a simple question doesn’t it? But I’ve noticed that many folks avoid giving a definitive answer. Just today I was facilitating a group of writers and speakers and this question was on my agenda to ask. Ask it I did… answer it they didn’t! I should have pushed for the answer for the good it would have done them and me! It would have also forced me to answer that question.

Today wasn’t the first time I’ve noticed it not being answered. I often wondered why this question is avoided! I believe it’s because we don’t dare dream. We don’t dare step out of our comfort zone to stake a claim on something big. Are we so conditioned to not stretch that we’ve become complacent or worse… apathetic about our own future?

Some place that you trust, a journal, a planner or just a plane ol’ spiral notebook, take a few minutes this week and write down some goals that you know would stretch you to achieve. Don’t judge the list, write the list! Ask yourself, “What if I couldn’t fail, what would I set out to do?” and write. I know that as soon as you do, you’ll say to yourself, “I can’t because…”, “I shouldn’t because…” . Let me say again… “Don’t judge the list, write the list!”

Something one of my mentor’s, the late Jim Rohn, used to say. “Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.” He also used to say, “If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you.” I challenge you to set some “real goals!” Make em BIG! Then set about; doing what you need to achieve them, becoming who you need to be to achieve them.

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