For Goodness Sake… How Many Calendars Are There?

I don’t know about you but I have way too many calendars!

I have a calendar for me, for Cath and the kids, one for my business, one to keep track of client appointments, one for Chamber of Commerce events, one for Rainmakers events, one for my work with the Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership. Then I have a calendar system that’s on my computer, my iPhone, the iPad and one that’s on gmail. Then there’s one that I carry with me and lastly (at least for now…) one that hangs on the kitchen wall!

Whew! Making a list of all those calendars just scared me!

As I am preparing for a BIG 2013, I am taking stock of all those calendars to see what I can combine, merge or eliminate! I sure can’t afford to lose track of anything… that I do know!

Here’s my strategy… I am looking at those BIG ROCKS I talked about a couple of weeks ago and making sure they are on my calendar. For me those are Faith, Family, Health, Finances, Business, Friends, and Personal Growth. Those things come first then the other things.

I know that there are really only four things that keep me, you, anyone from succeeding and they are Lack of Focus, Not Having a Clear Direction, Poor Time Management and A Challenge with Self-Confidence.

My confession, for me it’s usually Lack of Focus or Poor Time Management and with all those dang calendars… I think you can see why! click hereI am curious though… which is it for you? I’ve created a simple little survey to take the pulse of all who receive my weekly newsletter. This survey is part of a seminar I am doing with a couple of friends, Tommy Richardson and Angela Phebus.

Please click to take the survey and you shouldn’t “have” to enter your name or e-mail address but you certainly can if you wish.

Oh, I have a special gift for you to help you make the most this holiday season … you’ll see it as soon as you take the survey

Next week, I’ll let you know the results!

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