Reload 2011!

This past week, Tommy Richardson and I were conducting a Leadership training for a team of COSCO Home and Office Products Leaders when one of them said, “It’s time to re-load 2011!”

Time to re-load 2011… What a simple statement and an even more brilliant idea! As of today, there are 200 days left in 2011. What can you do in those 200 days to make 2011 your best year ever? I have a few ideas to share with you.

Review the goals you set for 2011 and see where you are meeting & exceeding or missing the mark. Make a plan, in writing, to do more of the things that are causing you to meet or exceed your goals and notice what things are causing you to miss the mark.


Ask yourself… “I could achieve my goals if only…” and then examine the answers you come up with. make sure you have at least a half dozen things on your list. They should tell you what’s missing from your plan. Examine them closely to make sure they’re not excuses. Many times it’s the excuses that justify our limiting beliefs, low standards or ineffective strategies.

Sometimes things just fall into place…

This one sure does… Dan Kennedy is coming to Indianapolis next Thursday (the 23rd) in the afternoon. He’ll be at the Martin House on 86th street from 1 to 5. His topic is 10 WAYS to DOUBLE YOUR INCOME in 29 DAYS, through business reinvention. To me that sounds like a re-load of 2011!

During this unprecedented 4 HOUR Seminar, you will confront the “Money Holes In Your Business Bucket” that can be plugged, and gain a new “global view” of what it means to be an entrepreneur that may just liberate your life. Whether your business needs a Fast Cash Flow Surge or you are grappling with bigger issues and feel a need to re-take control of your business, income, time, life – this is THE place to be.

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