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You Seem Distracted…

You Seem Distracted… Today we all  have a lot on our minds. We are constantly thinking about our To-Do lists, who we need to contact, our schedules, meetings, family obligations, dinner… you name it. I’m sure you’ve been in this

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Trumping All Obstacles

Trumping All Obstacles – Six Easy Steps Planning for success is an important way to overcome fears and barriers to growth. It’s similar to taking a vacation. You need a guide or a road map to keep you on course

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WTH Is So Important

WTH Is So Important To Go To So Early On Monday Morning Almost every Monday morning I attend a very special meeting just a few miles from my house. In that meeting I am stretched, I am challenged, I grow.

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The Three Keys of All Great People

The Three Keys of All Great People and the One Difference Maker Three truths about your mind, your mind is powerful, you can control your mind and you have a choice in every situation. Although you may not realize that

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#emmesmiles – Let’s Make it Happen

#emmesmiles – Let’s Make it Happen I’m feeding teenagers at my house. If you have never had that experience, let me tell you, it’s pretty incredible, and when one of them is playing football, it takes on a new meaning.

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Grow Your Business University An Intelligent Approach to Learning

Grow Your Business University is an intelligent approach to learning.  Each program is crafted to fill the needs of both business owners and employees.  Topics are timely, easily and quickly applied not to mention exciting.  Attending Grow Your Business University

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Reload 2011!

This past week, Tommy Richardson and I were conducting a Leadership training for a team of COSCO Home and Office Products Leaders when one of them said, “It’s time to re-load 2011!” Time to re-load 2011… What a simple statement

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Now Offering through Rainmaker University: “You and Me and a Little NLP”

In this highly experiential session Jack will guide you trough the fundamentals of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and some basic yet practical uses just for you. NLP utilizes the way your brain naturally works to improve your results and your life.

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