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A Youthful Lesson for Business Owners

Yesterday morning I was working with a group of 24 accountants, helping them with their mindset and attitude in a training Tommy Richardson and I created. While working with them, one person asked me if I always look for the

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Looks Like I Drew the Short Straw

It’s true, you get what you look for in business and in life! Your attitude is the difference maker! When Tommy and I work with clients to train their people, be they sales team, executives or support folks, we always start

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I’m thankful for…

We all have many things and reasons to be thankful and because we all have so much it’s easy to forget or just as easy to take for granted what we have. There have been times when I wished for

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Okay… So I’m Stuck Now What?

Man did I ever get feedback on the story and subsequent lesson about my experience with Ken (remember the soon to be ex-cab driver) in Las Vegas! Many people were inspired and I must have offended a couple but I

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That’s The Girl That Dresses Me…

This past week I had a conversation with my good friend Maria of Jos. A. Bank Clothing store in Plainfield… She was explaining how people introduce her to their friends as “the girl who dresses me…” Which made me think…

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