The Handle That Carries ALL The Baggage!

We all have many handles that we use from day to day and sometimes to our peril other times to our benfit. Funny thing though it’s not the handle that gets to us, it’s the baggage! You can’t run or hide from it… you have it!

Since we were children, we have learned things through our experiences. Things to do and certainly things not to do. I once heard Tony Robbins share a concept explaining how we get our beliefs and it really resonated with me. Let me share his concept with you… Think about your beliefs as the top of a table and the legs of the table would be your experiences. Experiences create beliefs! A certain belief may not be what is actual or real… but if it was created based on experiences, it’s very real to that person.

So where does this “Handle” I am talking about come in to play. Well, the “Handle” is a word and the baggage would be all meanings you or another has assigned to that word. As an example, when someone says they want a job that’s “Challenging” we have no idea what challenging means to that person. Most times we don’t need to know, that’s one of the things I love about NLP, you don’t need all the history of a situation to make a change. The person using the word Challenging has a very clear image, feeling or sound associated with that word. It’s how they’ll know they have it in a job.

The question to ask is, “How would I know what challenging is to you?” Sit back and listen, watch or feel the baggage be exposed.

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