Think B & B for Your Business Before the Year Ends

It’s true today as much as it ever has been. There are two simple words that you need to be very familiar with in your business. That is if, and it’s a big IF, you want to be successful.

The two words are found in every major historical event, in every tyrant, in every disaster, in every success and in every failure.

What are the two B words? They are simply, behold and beware!

You see in every major event there is a time to see what we (you and I) should learn to never let happen again… those are the bewares! Conversely, there are the elements that should be taken note of, repeated and sometimes admired and those are the beholds.

Name a dictator of your choice, a benevolent ruler, a great president or a less than stellar one and apply the B test. Ask, What is there to beware of in this person? And when you ask that question you need to remember to ask the other B question… what is there to behold in this situation or from this person?

The poet and philosopher George Santayana famously said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  What a shame that the learning didn’t occur in the memory of those Santayana was talking about. Perhaps if they would have some inkling of the event there would have been something to learn from the event. Something to behold and most certainly something to beware of for future reference. Maybe we can apply the same to our lives.

  As we rapidly come to the end of yet another year, take time, look back on the year, on your performance, on your failures and on your successes. What can you learn to help you accelerate your start to an even more successful 2014?

What is there from this year you can beware of for 2014?

What is there you can behold from this year to apply in 2014?

To your success!


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