Use Follow-up to be Memorable

Use Follow-up to be Memorable

Whoa! Now, be careful with what you’re thinking here. I am thinking memorable in a GOOD way.

Sometimes we get so busy and focused in business that we forget to have some fun. Fun and funny have become somewhat of a rare treat. If you think I am kidding, see how many times you troll your Facebook page looking for something to laugh at – got you, didn’t I?

Everyone can use a smile. Let your business be known for delivering one!So think about how it would make someone feel to get something as a follow-up communication that tickled them – would it make the sender more memorable? Probably.

Now, I don’t suggest starting every email with a joke, but every once in a while, throw something into the mix. And over time, I can guarantee that someone will mention it at some point. For every person who mentions it, several others are giggling and not mentioning it – but remembering it.

Just the other day someone in a meeting made mention of how they like following me on Facebook. “We think alike and I find I am liking every one of your posts,” is what they said. What was interesting is that several other people at the table agreed and commented how much they appreciated some of what I put out there.

Take that idea and incorporate it into your follow-up sequences. Not only for people you have just met, but for follow-up in all the other systems you have set up like for proposals and quotes or event invitations.

A sense of humor does not take away from business, in fact, it often paves the way for more business.

Of course, you have to reflect your own sense of humor so it is authentic, but just for kicks and grins I have to warn you to stay away from those topics that can be misconstrued or offensive (you wouldn’t be that way anyway, would you?).

Use your sense of humor to brighten someone’s day, stand out from the crowd and build relationships based on you as a person in your business. That just makes sense, because, after all, you are building a business by working with other people in their businesses.

To Your Success!

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