3 Simple Elements to Fulfill Your Potential

3 Simple Elements to Fulfill Your Potential

Are You Letting Your Business Struggle Because of YOUR Unfulfilled Potential?

We’ve all had moments of feeling unfulfilled; when things didn’t work out the way we wanted or we’ve gotten into a rut and just trudge through the days like a mindless automaton.

Florence Littauer wrote a story about her father in her book Silver Boxes. He always wanted to be a singer, but never was. She said he died with the music still in him. Isn’t that sad?

Are you following the path of Florence’s father? Are you not living your potential?

If you said yes, even a with a grunt under your breath so no one else hears, I have to ask, “why?”

Reaching your potential brings success.Why would you let yourself down like that? There are a million reasons people give – but you and I know they are really just excuses. The reason most of the time is fear – fear of failure, fear of success, fear of lots of things.

If you are still with me, I think you have the desire to walk past all those fears and get into the potential you have nestled inside you.

Potential is one of the best words in the world. It implies optimism and is filled with hope. Now let’s fill it with desire, persistence and determination. You can change your life and your business when you feed potential – it can lead to success and greatness!

How? It does take effort – and works best with support. I’m going to give you 3 Simple Elements to Fulfill Your Potential

  1. Identify your Strengths, Passion and Purpose. You know what they are inside you; admit them; vocalize them; and OWN them. Get a notebook and write down what gets you “all jazzed up” and start there.
  2. Learn and Educate Yourself. Read, attend workshops and webinars, and have meaningful discussions with people. Listen to audio recordings and CDs. Become a sponge, but stay focused on the topics that “jazz you.”
  3. Surround yourself with Like-Minded People. I am not saying people who think or perform exactly like you, but people who are positive, forward moving and thinking, and want to excel on their own.

This might not sound like a business-based idea, but it is. As Tommy and I said in our book, Building to Excellence, every success begins with you and we are talking about success in life AND business.

You can learn all the oldest and latest business trends and strategies. But in the end, it all comes down to you – and what you are willing to do.

Live a life in which you fulfill your potential. Be the success you desire. You can do it.

This year, here at Grow Your Business Coaching, we are opening more Mastermind Groups in addition to a Master Business Building Program. Every member of our existing groups comes out of each session inspired and motivated to take on new challenges and build their businesses. That in itself is part of my living my own potential. I know that bringing entrepreneurs and business owners together, guiding them, and facilitating the sessions is something I am good at and that benefits others, the business community, and the local economy.

As evidence that when you pursue your potential, great things come to pass, I am honored to have been asked to join the recognized leader in Mastermind Group Facilitation, Karyn Greenstreet, in training other coaches to be facilitators in a new program she is launching.

Make this year the year you breakthrough the fears and the doubts. Dust off your vision of your potential and ride it to great achievements!

To Your Success!

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