Six Simple Strategies to Increase Your Productivity

Six Simple Strategies to Increase Your Productivity

Productivity gets people moving. This is one thing that helps them achieve goals that they have set for themselves. Experts like Brendon Burchard, author of High Performance Habits, say that to be able to succeed and live a comfortable life, everyone needs constant productivity. As a matter of fact, Increasing Productivity is Habit #4 of High Performance Habits. Productivity is important because when people are working to be productive, they become more aggressive in achieving their goals and dreams in life. Here are six strategies you can do to increase your productivity:

  1. always have a dream and hold on to it. Since productivity is a not an easy task to start with, it’s best if you start now by having a dream, a CLEAR Goal, that you can hold on to. The scale or the size of that dream doesn’t really matter, it can be a big thing or a small thing, what’s important is that you’re willing to do everything you can to achieve that dream. For some people, having big dreams work on them because they are looking forward to big rewards in the future that is why they are giving their best this early. The late Jim Rohn said, “The reason to set goals is for you’ll become as you achieve them.”
  2. – avoid too much thinking. Work to manage yourself and stop over thinking. Here’s why, over thinking will only bring in a mix of emotions that typically makes it harder to handle and manage later on. To keep constant productivity, work to veer away from negative thoughts and focus on the things that lead to something good. Adding the secret ingredient of gratitude helps too to escape the overthinking trap. When you start to overthinking, stop and recognize something to be grateful for in your life.
  3. – let go of the past. Whatever your past experiences have been, the first step to be productive is to forget the failures and mistakes that you’ve had in the past. Realize that there are things that are beyond your control, I give you full permission to forgive yourself and start anew. When you keep thinking of the past, it serves as a reminder of your failure or someplace where you didn’t perform as you wanted and you don’t need that. If you keep thinking about your defeats, you will undergo a never ending cycle of blaming yourself for the things that you did not really opted to do.
  4. – set your own pace. While it is true that being competitive is a key in terms of achieving goals, there can be times when you will get tired of running after so many things because you don’t want other people to finish before you. Being competitive is both a blessing and a curse. To be able to increase productivity, it is best if you run a race at your own pace so you won’t get tired, distracted or frustrated.
  5. – think and take one step ahead. To be able to increase productivity, you need to plan ahead and do things ahead of time so you will be given more opportunities or chances in case the first plan did not work. Taking and thinking one step ahead are the best foundations of being productive because when you develop these, it will be easier for you to take tougher and bigger problems or challenges along the way.
  6. – keep a journal of your progress. Keeping a journal of your accomplishments and struggles allows you to go back periodically and reflect on your activities. Doing this gives you an omniscient view where you can truly see where you might have been thinking incorrectly or correctly and then make the necessary changes. Making those needed changes moves you closer to your goal of being more productive. Remember the palest ink it better than the best memory.

Here’s to your success in being productive. Apply these six strategies and watch your productivity increase. Let me know how these strategies work for you!


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