Take a Cue from John, Paul and Momma to Grow Your Business

It’s true Lennon and McCartney finished writing this song in mid-March 1967,[1] written specifically as Ringo Starr’s track for the album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band… The song? With A Little Help From My Friends originally titled A Little Help from My Friends.

That song, or at least the sentiment it expresses, should be the anthem for every small business owner and business person everywhere, period.

Yes, we can get by on our own.

Yes, we can make progress on our own.

But if you want real, tangible progress, enlist friends, colleagues and other resources to exponentially blast the roof off the progress hut!!  Not only that, but it really is more fun – and fulfilling, too

Think of the next event you want to hold. You can make all the arrangements, set it all up, send all the invites, talk all over town about it and meet the day exhausted and hopeful you have “done enough” to make it successful.

Triple the odds for a successful event by co-hosting with other business owners.Now, think what would happen if you joined together with a couple of other business owners and created an event. You would still work hard, but you would have three groups supporting the event, sharing the load, sending out invitations, talking to people and making it a success. And, you would have someone sharing the funny things, the oops, the “we should do this differently next time,” too.

You will have someone to share in the learning and the success of the event. It’s nice to hear, “You did a good job.” But it’s a thrill to share a “we rocked!!” with someone.

Mommas everywhere share that “many hands make the work lighter.” They have also encouraged you to get out of the house, go play with friends, and do your best. All those things work when you are running a business, too.

Take a hint – or a nudge – listen to your Momma and build your business, faster and stronger!

To your success!


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