There’s magic in that pen. Use it wisely

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend a high level mastermind in Chicago conducted by my friend, mentor and coach Scott Manning. Scott had several of his national clients there and the meeting was very powerful.

This time I was in a supporting role and was able to pay full attention to all the great ideas and concepts that were being shared. I found one idea particularly powerful… it was that of using a special pen.

It’s really more than a magical pen. It’s how you use the pen that makes it magical. The idea starts with one of Scott’s methodologies for sorting through his priorities. So this week is your lucky week, I’m going to share both ideas with you and if you use them, you’ll get more accomplished and make more money… guaranteed!

The first step is to take all the things you need to do. Your To-Do list and as you list the items, out to the right somewhere make a column that you assign a dollar amount to the item on your list. Then re-write your list in dollar value priority and, here’s where the magical pen comes in… with a green pen, marker, rollerball or ball point pen, write the most valuable items in green ink. Those are the ones you give the highest priority to doing first.

On your calendar, planner or journal, write what you need to do that will bring you money (income) in that green ink or highlight it with a green highlighter! Implement this idea and let me know the results!

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