Well Dang-It … I’ve Lost My Keys

Have you ever lost your keys? I mean really lost your keys? I have! My keys were so lost, my friend, Jack Needham called a friend of his who was a psychic. Not that I believe in psychics but Jack’s friend said my keys were on a desk and sure enough, the building manager who found them had picked them up and they were indeed on her desk.

I remember my Mom always loosing her keys. It seemed every time we were to go any place, everyone would be looking for Mom’s keys. Dad got her a big brass ring, this thing was about 4 inches in diameter, so she wouldn’t loose her keys. It didn’t work. He even got her a “clapper” like device so when you clapped your hands a little buzzer would sound. The thing was so sensitive that the television (TV for some) set it off and Mom turned off the key alarm. And… you guessed it, keys were lost once again.

There are three sayings about losing your keys. One is kind of a smart-alec response, “They’re always in the last place you look.” That one is not very helpful is it? Keys should always, (that’s the key… “always”) put in the same place. That way you know exactly where they are when you need them. That’s the policy we try to follow now, and I am proud to say, 99% of the time… we always know where our keys are when we need them.

The third saying is this: You find your keys because your mind it trained to see what you’re looking for when searching. It’s kind of a recognizing pattern. The same is true in your business with who you sell (yes, sell) to. No matter what you do, you’re selling! How do you know who your customers are, better yet, your ideal customers. You know, the ones you enjoy working with and look forward to seeing and talking to on a regular basis.

You know what your keys look like, you should know who your “ideal” customer are too. Define them! That way when you pass by them in the post office, when you see them in the mall or at the grocery store you will recognize them and then be able to sell to them.

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