Are You Staring at the Water?

Are You Staring at the Water?

“You can’t cross a sea by merely staring into the water.” – Rabindranath Tagore

What does THAT mean?

Well, in its simplest terms, you are going to achieve nothing by standing on the sidelines, waiting and watching.

Jack Canfield says,

“Oftentimes success happens when you just lean into it – when you make yourself open to opportunities and are willing to do what it takes to pursue it further. You just start. You just lean into it.”

I think you lean into it and take that first step – whatever that step is for you. As an experienced coach I know it is different things for different people. For you, it could be:

  • Sending out an email for the first week in a row (wink, wink)
  • Attending a workshop, seminar or networking event
  • Committing to reading 10 pages or more every day – and doing it!
  • Enrolling in an online class, a weekly call or joining a mastermind group
  • Creating a sales campaign and setting it free
  • Gathering information about a topic or strategy you want to know more about
  • Setting up a book study group and inviting others to join you
  • Writing a blog post or article and posting it
  • Recording a video and sharing it on social media

There are an infinite number of first steps you can take to move forward. But you have to actually take the action and put one foot out there – dipping your toe, if you will. That is the critical point here.

Life is too short to wait.You and I both know that there is never a “perfect time” to start anything, except RIGHT NOW.  There will be no time better than right now. Why? I’m going to let you in on a little secret:

Life provides no dress rehearsals and life is mostly on-the-job training.

Think about what that means besides being something to catch your attention. If you are waiting for the perfect moment or for the stars to align and the moon to be in the right phase, and until you get it all organized and your ducks in a row, YOU ARE MISSING OUT AND LOSING TIME.

Now, I don’t mean to throw you into a panic because opportunities missed are opportunities missed. There will always be more opportunity coming your way. But you have to open and ready to grab them when they come and make them yours. How do you do that?

  • Be open to training and learning – always
  • Keep your eyes and ears alert to opportunity
  • Accept that you don’t know everything (you aren’t expected to know everything – realize that)
  • Enjoy the new and seek it out, explore and gobble up new experiences
  • Leap – embrace the fear – face it and do it anyway

When you do these things you will begin to see the world around you a little differently and take it in in ways you haven’t before. That can be exhilarating, but it can also be a little overwhelming, too. So I caution you to return to your life purpose and the goals you have set for yourself. Pursue the new and exciting opportunities and experiences that ALIGN WITH YOUR PURPOSE AND GOALS.

Don’t get distracted and run off course. You have to be open – and selective. You have it in you to take yourself, your family and your business to new heights before the end of this calendar year – go for it!

To your success!

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