Be Ready for the Comeback

Be Ready for the Comeback

This week marks, six months since things “shut-down!” I think you’d agree, things have been anything but normal, whatever normal is for you, your family and your business. Here are 10 Tips to keep you going strong so that when the comeback arrives for you, you’re ready!

These tips are for your health… your mental, spiritual and physical health.

  • Ground Rules – If you haven’t already, set some ground rules and boundaries. I’ve noticed the isolation of the quarantine has cause many to feel isolated and somewhat depressed. Taking control of what you can control will go along way to boost your confidence and give you more control.
  • Get Out of Bed – Get out of bed, shower and dress like you normally would so that you’re back in the swing and timing of getting ready in the morning. Make sure that when your alarm wakes you that you pop up out of bed otherwise your day will slip by. I know from experience on this one. After you pop up out of bed, go ahead and make your bed! Success first thing is always a good thing.
  • To-Do List – Begin to capitalize on your To-Do list and daily routine. Remember “WIN!” What’s Important Now! Notice what things are on your “Should” list an begin to tackle them and for goodness sake stop “shoulding” all over yourself.
  • You – Be sure to begin if you haven’t already to set some time and make a place for you. With most of the world confined to video meetings and phone calls as a means of interaction, people are worn out because they haven’t set any “Me Time” or have designated a “Me Place” to relax and recharge so they can begin again anew. Make sure you’re doing this.
  • Designated Space – Be sure to have a place where you “do your work” whatever that is. Doing some here and some there around the house causes lack of focus, less boundaries and loss of control.
  • Plan Ahead – Use your calendar, journal or however you schedule things in advance to make some plans and some goals. Go back to that “should list” and schedule (time block) to knock a few items off that list. We will come out of this and sooner than later.
  • Watch Your Screen Time – Too many folks are social media surfing way too much with the quarantine. The more time you find yourself endless searching social media or the internet the less focused and productive you become. Sadly, we all become addicted to the dopamine rush staring at the phone brings on. Limit your reminders and when you’re working, turn the reminder sound off so you can stay on task.
  • Stick to Your Knitting – Use your daily routine, your to-do list, your calendar and your journal to stay on track with your goals and with your work. Both your work around the bouse and the work work.
  • Learn Something New – Keep a place on your agenda or schedule to learn something new, to read, listen to a podcast or an online class/workshop. Time will pass no matter what so why not learn and grow as the clock ticks the seconds away.
  • Be Healthy – Your most important vehicle is your body. Make sure you are filling with the best fuel at the best times of day. This goes too for learning and growing. It’s really easy to snack on the bad stuff during the day. Plan now to ensure you’re also taking in the right kind of calories and get up and walk around.

Two more bonus tips to consider.

  • Call a Friend – Take a minute to reach out to a distant family member, a friend, a client or prospect to simply “check in” as them, “How are you doing?” and then listen. When you listen, don’t listen to respond, listen to hear what they are really saying.
  • Give Yourself a Break – Relax, it’ll be ok! Consistency will win the day. Mind the small things and the big things will be fine.

Questions to Ponder…

What are your plans for when the virus goes away? What will you keep that you learned and what will you finally discard that you have learned about yourself?

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