Does Your Favorite Number Work in Your Business?

Does Your Favorite Number Work in Your Business?

Numbers! Numbers! Use them to Grow YOUR business!Numbers play a really HUGE role in our lives, don’t they? I mean we live by a lot of numbers:

  • Time on the clock
  • Balance in the checkbook
  • What that demon scale says in the bathroom

And, of course, we won’t even mention all those numbers we get from the doctor!

During the talk given by John Maxwell on October 22, he talked about the Rule of Five. Now five is not my favorite number, but after hearing him explain the Rule of Five, it probably should be, because five can change our lives.

The Rule of Five

It’s really simple. Just do one thing five times every day. He tells it with a story:

If you have a tree that you want down, just take five whacks every day. Eventually that tree will fall.

The important thing to remember is that not only do you have to be consistent in taking five whacks every day – you have to be taking whacks on the SAME TREE. If you go out and give five whacks to a different tree every day, all you will have in the end is an entire forest of damaged and weak trees.

This story is an analogy for working on your business or making sales. You have to be consistent and work on the same efforts every day. If you are hitting new prospects every day, you never develop the relationship you need to have for consistent, on-going sales with a client.

The Rule of Five is not just for tasks or sales

John says five is good for significance and impact. Five can apply to lots of things:

He applies the Rule of Five to how he values people:

  1. I am going to connect with people.
  2. I am going to look for ways I can value for people.
  3. I am going to look for ways I can ADD value for people.
  4. Everything I do are things that add value for someone.
  5. I will encourage others to add value to people they meet.

If you stop and think, the Rule of Five can add value to what you think, what you do, how you build a business, a life and a better community. It goes to being intentional about what you do – everyday.

Intentional-Living-Book-ImageforSocial(If you want to take a look at John’s new book, Intentional Living, click the image.)

Now, back to YOUR favorite number. Maybe five doesn’t work for you. We all know it’s odd. But say your favorite number is 3 or 4 or 6. Why not build on the “magic” of your favorite number – the one that speaks to you or brings you luck? Make your own Rule of Three or Rule of Seven? Compound the good.

No matter what, be consistent and apply it every day. Make your special number your friend and watch how that changes the numbers that rule your world!

To Your Success,

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