I Think I Need A Pacemaker

“What? You need a pacemaker?” you ask.
Yes, and you probably do too.

Yes, I do, but not the kind of pacemaker you’re thinking about. No, my heart is fine… at least as far as I know.

I am fortunate to work with small business owners and entrepreneurs locally (and I am excited that this will be expanding, watch this space for more on that at a later date) to help them avoid the common mistakes that many small business owners and entrepreneurs make.

So, why do I need a pacemaker? Well in this case the pacemaker I am referencing is:
  • someone else in the county that is doing this work that I can learn from.
  • someone who I can set my sites on to emulate, copy.
  • someone to compete with as I do this work.
That’s why I say you probably need a pacemaker too. We all need someone to compete with that will cause us to stretch and really grow.

Many of us compete, compare or look to (pick whichever meets with your politically correct wording) those close to us, but Who is going to help you pick up the pace of your business growth?unfortunately, those folks aren’t your competition. You are your competition, but you need something – or someone – to know if you’re making real progress or just running on the hamster wheel of life and business. Find someone either in or out of your industry and see how you can use them as a pacemaker to pull you into bigger and better results!

In my work with the the above mentioned business owners, Hendricks County, the county I am blessed to live in, beat (dramatically, I might add) all the neighboring counties in job creation. I learned from two of my mentors and friends, Cinda Kelley and Thayr Richey, that it’s important to look for those who may not be geographically close, but are similar and are doing really well to compare to ourselves. Unfortunately, not everyone gets this concept… they want to look to “what we’ve always done” or “what others close to us do.”
I know that’s not you… you are smarter than the average bear because you’re learning here!

Employ these concepts and see your success increase!
To your success!
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