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When High Performance is Your Goal

And the Award Goes To… From our earliest competitive and social interactions, where there is not a publicly displayed score to determine the outcome and we are in the running for an award, those five little words immediately create an

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4 Ways to Make More Sales

Your customer isn’t a circus monkey! Think twice about all the things you put them though to buy from you. (And for those of you in corporate life, this goes for you too! You’re always trying to get your folks

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Objections Are Your Opportunity!

Does the word “No” scare you? What do you do when you hear your prospect say “No?” Here are some ideas to keep you in the game ofter your prospect says, “No.” Begin by examining the positive aspects of a

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Six Honest Serving Men and Your Business

When trying to find out information about where your prospect is in the buying process… don’t ask “why” questions or, if you do,  limit them to very few. I always say in the sales or inquiry process if anyone is

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Beware the Tail

Have you ever heard the story that Zig Ziglar made famous about “kicking the cat?” Well… it’s what can happen when things don’t quite go as you expected. There’s a great Fed-Ex commercial from Superbowl 25 that illustrates the principle. That’s not

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Nurture Prospects in Your Funnel to Move Them From Prospect to Customer

How do you continue to build a relationship once someone enters your funnel? Today’s episode of The Guy To Know, offers a three step process so you can move the individuals in your sales funnel from prospect to customer. Check

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Well Dang-It … I’ve Lost My Keys

Have you ever lost your keys? I mean really lost your keys? I have! My keys were so lost, my friend, Jack Needham called a friend of his who was a psychic. Not that I believe in psychics but Jack’s

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How Hard Can It Be?

That’s a very real question! How the heck hard can it be? I belong to a group of professionals who help each other get business called BNI here in Brownsburg. Our Chapter, Achievers Network referred over $40,000 each of the

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