After You Close the Sale…

After You Close the Sale…

You closed the sale! Yippee! Woot-woot! Hoo-ray!

IMG_1498Now what do you do? Move on to the next prospect? Not a bad idea, but before you do that, think about this:

It costs SIX TIMES more to get a new client than to sell something additional to a current client.

What does that mean? It means if you want to have a successful sales machine, you need to establish and implement a highly procedurized follow-up and follow-through system. Because you need to make that client you just closed a Customer for Life, or at least as long as they have a need for what you provide.

Create a Bond – that Lasts

According to Chet Holmes, author of The Ultimate Sales Machine, you are a major part of the client’s decision to buy. He says:

“Remember, trust and respect are the largest part of the sale. Every minute that a prospect doesn’t hear from you after you leave their office; his respect falls off. Out of sight, out of mind.”

Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. Stay front of mind. Don’t let them cool off. You should have already set yourself up for great follow up during the sales process:

  1. Create rapport
  2. Qualify and establish need
  3. Build value
  4. Create desire
  5. Overcome objections
  6. Close

If you followed the process and effectively gathered information about your client during those six steps, the more effective your follow-up will be.

Impressive follow-up is what you want and is why you have to procedurize the system. Here’s a few hints, no here are 10 steps to making you the sales superstar for life:

1. Send a follow-up letter IMMEDIATELY

How impressed would a client be to get a personalized note of thanks within hours of closing the deal? You know the answer, don’t you?

2.  Make a call – right away to offer something

This is not the time to sell him something else. It’s the time to bond. Offer a thought on a challenge, an invitation to an event or something that he would value.

 3. Share a Funny

Again, you aren’t selling, you are bonding. What value can you put on a mid-day chuckle? With a note saying, I thought you’d like this… a smile keeps you in that warm and friendly space.

4. Entertain

Holmes says that breakfast and lunch are good opportunities to rapport, but dinner trumps all. Sharing a meal is a traditional means of bonding. Relax, have fun, but stay focused on the business at hand – bonding.

 5. Time for Words – again

Send a second follow-up letter. Mention a connection, event or meal you’ve recently shared or both attended. Short, interesting and personable are the three keys to this letter.

6. Fun with the Family

If the deals are big enough, it’s time to plan an activity that includes the client and his family. A big party, hot air ballooning, something that would be memorable. Maybe the event is for clients only – do something that personalizes some aspect – such as a personalized something that they can take home to share with their family.

7. Help them build their business

Are you a networker? Hook them up with a prospect or another company that would be a good connection. You will find they will eagerly take your calls when you provide opportunities and connections.

8. Drop a note – again

Whether you are sending a funny, a business tip, a resource, a connection, whatever, keep communicating with the client. You want to be business associates and friends.

9. More value and building THEIR success

By this time, you are becoming a valuable asset and trusted confidant. Now is the time to offer something else that can help them become more successful – a seminar or some sort of training. Go ahead, breed some customer loyalty.

10. Ultimate Bonding

When you become friendly enough to be a visitor to their home or them to your home, you have hit the home run. You have built a true relationship.

Bonding is everything. You want your biggest clients to also become your friends. With a personable, structured follow-up you will rise above mediocrity and so far above your competition they won’t have a chance!

To Your Success!

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