A Tale of Two Sales People

Many of you know one of my favorite books is Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive by Harvey Mackay. I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. MacKay a couple of times and Cathy and I even had dinner with him thanks to my friend Darlene Silver.

And that in part is what I want to talk about… You see, you know someone who can take you right to your ideal prospect, center of influence, inspirational source or truthfully whatever you quest or need.

Strategic connections through building relationships with customers boosts  sales and customer retention rates. There is a story of two sales people … One drives and drives to grow her business and the other uses strategic relations, connections and asks intelligently to grow his business. Both are having success but the rep who is making the strategic connections (relationships, actually) is in reality creating a series of Golden Geese. These are referral sources that will continue to give and give and give over and over again. That is providing he takes care of the geese by saying thank you, following up promptly, keeping the referral source informed of the progress and being a Golden Goose in return.

All the while the other rep I described is driving all over town dropping off a card here and there and occasionally catching someone at one of the stops. Now this rep does a great job at planning her calling route and is most diligent about getting out on the streets and knocking on doors. I liken this particular example to a person running through a corn field touching every ear of corn but at the end of the row… has not gathered one bushel.

Here’s a little bit of information that might help you if you’re struggling to get in front of the right people…

If you’re having too few actual presentations then there are two reasons or causes…

  1. An inability to set up interviews (appointments)
  2. Some type of call reluctance…there actually 12 forms of call reluctance!

Let’s look at the inability to set up interviews (appointments). The causes might include…

  1. Too few prospects
  2. Poor telephone techniques
  3. Too few attempts

Most of the causes of these three are:

  • Lack of referrals, or strategic connections
  • No real plan (they don’t have a multiple touch approach nor are they using their creativity to make an impression so the prospect will remember them when they do call) Here’s a video I did as an example on IndyBizTV.
  • They’re using the wrong script, they don’t have a script or the way the script they have is being said incorrectly… tone, pitch, and the intention and the attitude behind what is being said.

So take some advice from a veteran sales guy who has sold everything from flower seeds, insurance and computers to ideas and concepts… Look for some strategic relationships! Nurture those relationships and ask intelligently. Remember, too, that in many cases you’ll give before you ever receive. You’ll make connections and suggestions and provide value before you see some results. Hang in there… I think it’s the way of the universe making sure that our intentions are correct.

Make a plan and make it happen.

To Your Success!

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