The 5 Myths of Success

The 5 Myths of Success

Success is what you make it as an individual.Do you believe you’re capable of attaining success? I certainly hope so. But, believe it or not, some people think they’ll never be successful – no matter what. However, in my business and coaching experience, I can tell you that success is possible for everyone – from seasoned entrepreneurs and business people to students just starting out.

The problem with most people isn’t that they can’t achieve success; the real issue is they misunderstand what success is in the first place. I bet if I asked 100 people to tell me what it means to be a successful person, I would get a variety of answers – wealth, intelligence, athletic ability, business expertise, imagination. These answers are often based on someone that the individual believes is a successful person. However, this belief often traps them into thinking they must be like that person to be a success. But, guess what? You can’t be like that person. You can only be you. So, you’re following the wrong picture of success.

To understand what I mean by this, let’s look at what some of the common misconceptions of success are:

Success Misconception 1: Wealth

The accumulation of money is the most common misinterpretation of success. Many people assume when they make a lot of money, they’ll be successful. But, money doesn’t necessarily bring success or contentment. Sometimes, money can actually lead to other problems like jealousy, mistrust, materialism, and/or addiction. So, don’t measure your self-worth based upon your bank account.

Success Misconception 2: A Special Feeling

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’ll know I’m successful when I’m happy”? Well, success and happiness aren’t synonymous. You don’t have to successful to be happy. Happiness is an emotion; whereas, success is not.

Success Misconception 3: Specific Possessions

Do you believe you’ll be successful when own an expensive home, a fancy car, or designer goods? Well, there are plenty of people out there who already own these items and they’re far from a success. In fact, they’re in debt to the hilt because of these possessions.

Success Misconception 4: Power

Next to wealth, power is another big myth about success. Power may give you the appearance of success, but power is only temporary. Just ask any dictator or world leader.

Success Misconception 5: Achievement

If you believe you’ll only be a success when you accomplish a certain goal or attain a certain position, you’ll soon come to realize once you reach that goal, there’s always something more to achieve. Success is a journey. It’s not a specific destination.

What Is Success?

In his book, Your Road Map for Success, John Maxwell says:

“Success is …

knowing your purpose in life,

growing to reach your maximum potential, and

sowing seeds that benefit others.”

I like this definition of success – and it’s not just because I’m a John Maxwell certified coach. Your capacity for growth is ongoing and the opportunities to help others is never-ending. Also, you can be a success starting today – right now.

To your success!

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