Your Coach is Here to Tell You that A Little Appreciation Goes a LOOOONNNGGG Way!

Your Coach is Here to Tell You that A Little Appreciation Goes a LOOOONNNGGG Way!

How well do you know your customers? If you want to keep them, you should get to know them really well. Remember the Mackay 66?

How do your customers know you appreciate them and their business?The first thing to remember is that they are human. They are not commodities. They are not a cog in a machine. They are people, like people all over; but each one is unique – and for maximum influence, we need to learn to communicate in the medium that suits them best – and we need to hang in there until we get it right.

The best example I can give is one that comes from Jack Canfield’s discussion about relationships in his book, The Success Principles. His example came from a workshop he’d taken with Dr. Harville Hendrix. It has to do with a couple’s relationship, but the important point would not be lost on business relationships.

“He told the story about learning exactly how his wife wanted to be told she was loved and appreciated. Because she always gave other people flowers as gifts of appreciation, he figured that was what she would also want. So one day he sent her a dozen roses. When he came home from work, he was expecting to get what he called his reward – a big, gracious thank-you from his wife.

He thought he was a hero!When he walked in, she didn’t even mention it. When he asked her if she’d received the roses, she said yes. ‘Didn’t you like them?’ he asked.

’Not particularly.’

‘I don’t understand. You always five other people flowers. I thought you loved flowers. ‘

‘Not really that much.’

‘Well, what do you like to get?’

‘Cards,’ she replied.

Okay, he thought. So the next day he went to the card store and bought her a huge, oversize Snoopy card with a funny inscription inside and placed it where she would find it during the day. That night when he came home, he was once again expecting his reward.

No reward. He was so disappointed. He asked, ‘Did you find the card?’


‘Didn’t you like it?’

‘Not really.’

‘Well, why not? I thought that you liked to get cards.’

‘I do, but not funny cards. I like the kind of cards that you get at the art museums that have a piece of beautiful art on the front and then a really sweet and romantic message on the inside.’


The next day he went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and bought a beautiful card and wrote a sweet, romantic inscription on the inside. The next day he placed it where his wife would find it. When he returned home, she met him at the door and smothered him with kisses and appreciation for the perfect card.

Out of his commitment to make sure that she knew he loved her, he finally found the perfect medium for his message.”

Now, having been a Grow Your Business Coach for a long time, I realize that you probably aren’t looking for your clients to meet you at the door and smother you with kisses, but you get the idea. Every client gets the message that they are appreciated in different ways. Perhaps …

  • A call on their birthday
  • An email with a special deal
  • A box of candy or donuts for their office when you call
  • A business referral
  • An invitation to a networking event
  • An invitation to a social event

There are an infinite number of ways you can show appreciation to a client – you just have to find the one that makes a special impression on the individual. And just like this husband who was committed to showing his wife he loved and appreciated her, you just have to hang in there until you get it right.

To your success!

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