Do I Really Have To Call ‘Em Back?

When someone calls you with a referral or connects you with an e-mail should you say thanks? I mean heck, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do, get referrals for each other? I don’t have to say thanks for em do I?

In answering that question the radio persona Roy D. Mercer would say, “Bull Butter!” Heck yes! You should respond and I think which ever way is fastest for you to respond. If they left you a voice mail, call em back! If they sent you an e-mail, respond via e-mail. Get back to them any way you can.

For a number of reasons here are just a couple… Find out more about who they are referring to you. Discover why they think this would be a good referral for you. Check to make sure you have the information on the referral correct, you know, name, phone, e-mail… and last but not least… to say “Thank You!”

You might be thinking.. “I’m busy with all I have to do… I don’t have time to call everyone that sends me a referral!”
The late great Jim Rohn used to say, “What happens, happens to us all. It’s how you respond to what happens that matters.”

If you’re not familiar with Jim Rohn, ask me about him sometime.

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