How Hard Can It Be?

That’s a very real question! How the heck hard can it be? I belong to a group of professionals who help each other get business called BNI here in Brownsburg. Our Chapter, Achievers Network referred over $40,000 each of the last two weeks. I tell you that so you know that we mean business and are serious about helping each other succeed.

Now to my point… Our Chapter is interviewing for a Landscape Person (Professional) because we can get them some serious business.
I know of a local Landscape business that I already have a relationship with and really want to help. Previously I sent 2 or maybe 3 postcards inviting this company to our chapter to meet everyone and see if it was a fit. So, this past week, I took it upon myself to call a local Landscape Business and ask to speak to their best sales person.

A young man came to the phone and I introduced my self and the group in a similar way as I have to you reading this. We’ll call the young man who answered the phone, Bill (actual name changed to protect something). I told Bill we could get him “a ton” of business and keep him as the best sales person there. I further explained to Bill that our group meets at 7:00 a.m. each Thursday at the Crown Room (shameless plug for the Crown Room… it’s a great place to hold an event!) to which Bill gasped! “Seven a.m.?, I don’t know” he said…

There’s a story that the late great Jim Rohn used to tell that I too love to tell and it reminds me of Bill here… Jim’s story went like this, It’s 5 o’clock in the morning and the phone rings… waking you from a dead sleep. A voice on the other end of the phone excitedly exclaims that he has struck gold in his back yard while diggin for a patio… The person on the other end of the phone says “come on over and you can have all you can dig!” to which you say, “Man! It sure is early!” The man on the phone says “yes but there’s a bunch of gold! Grab your shovel and come on over!” Again you groggily explain that you “don’t have a shovel.” Frustrated, the man says “GO GET YOU ONE!” to which you reply… “Do you know how much they want for shovels these days?”

I am sure that company and “Bill” probably tell folks that business is down or that they could use more clients… My answer is…Bill “GO GET YOU ONE!” I mean How hard can it be?

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