Failure to Prospect – Avoid the Slump

Failure to Prospect – Avoid the Slump

It’s always a great feeling when there are lots of clients and work to do. I agree. I like that feeling, too. But enough of that, let’s get busy.

You might say, “C’mon, relax. Things are good.”

19455719_sOkay, but I am here to tell you that you don’t have time to sit back on your laurels and drink in the good life. Napoleon Hill said that your ship cannot come in unless you first send it out.

Let’s think about that, because we have something to learn from it. Think of it this way: Sales cannot come in unless you first “send out” (or engage) some prospects. In other words, you have to consistently be prospecting in order to consistently make sales and grow your business.

You can’t be just an order-taker, because we all know that to build a business, you can’t sit at your desk and wait for the phone to ring. You have to pursue those orders, those clients, those profits.

Now, you know that not every lead and prospect is going to become a customer. So, that should let you know that in order to find the success you want, you have to have several different strategies and techniques in play at one time.

Prospecting is the key to selling. You’ve got to fill that funnel and keep juggling and mixing it up to get top results.

I’m going to list 11 different strategies you can use for prospecting. You will like some better than others and find different levels of success with each. Plus, you can modify, adapt and manipulate them to work for you.

  1. Cold calling

  2. Regular monthly email

  3. Networking events

  4. Asking for referrals

  5. Offering free reports, white papers, or ebooks on your website

  6. Civil and charity work

  7. Advertising

  8. Memberships at associations, organizations and other groups

  9. Offering webinars, teleseminars or workshops

  10. Speaking engagements

  11. Affiliations and strategic partnerships with other businesses and professionals

When you look at that list, it is overwhelming, isn’t it. You don’t have to do it all now at one time. Pick one or two to work on each week or two. Give it a good attempt and then move on to the next option. Chances are you will have a variety of irons in the fire from one week to the next so don’t try to take on too much at one time.

Here’s the caveat: You have to follow up and nurture those dangling leads, those leads in process. That’s the secret sauce. Avoid the slump and keep stirring the sauce – consistently. And that will lead …

To Your Success!

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