Are you an Askhole?

Are you an Askhole?

If you want to have sales success, being an Askhole should be one of your goals. Let me explain:

A Telling Statistic

Herbert True, a marketing specialist at Notre Dame University, found that

44% of all salespeople quit trying to sell to a prospect after the first call

24% quit after the second call

14% quit after the third call

12% quit trying to sell their prospect after the fourth call

This means that 94% of all salespeople quit by the fourth call. But 60% of all sales are made after the fourth call. This revealing statistic shows that 94% of all salespeople don’t give themselves a chance at 60% of the prospective buyers.

You may have the capacity, but you also have to have the tenacity! To be successful, you have to ask, ask, ask, ask, ask!”

                -Source: The Success Principles, Jack Canfield

Later Canfield relates that one of his students joked that you have to become an “askhole.”

In order to sell, you have to take risks. You have to risk rejection and be willing to accept a “no” before you get to the “yes!” And the only way to get to the ‘yes!” is to continue to ask. And, if that means you are an askhole, be an askhole!

Get into the habit of being an Askhole

Breaking the habit of giving up too soon takes practice. But as a business coach and Mastermind Group facilitator, I can tell you that the practice will pay off.

In order to be really successful in sales, you have to ask more than once or a few times. You have to be persistent.Start asking for what you want today. Go through the following exercise to figure out what the hurdle is for you.

Make a list of the things that you want that you don’t ask for at home, school, or work. Next to each item, write down what stops you from asking for it – the fear you have. Then, write down what it is costing you not to have it. Then write the benefit of what getting it will be for you – or your family.

For example, you want a raise. Your fear is that you are afraid of being told you are not worthy of a raise. It’s costing you money every month. If you had that raise, your family would benefit. Maybe with a new car or dance lessons for your daughter.

Does the cost and the benefits outweigh the TEMPORARY pain of being told, “no”?

Now for some practice:

Make a list of things you would like but never ask for – this is especially powerful if you involve your spouse or family.

  • Ask for a hug.
  • Ask for sauce for your pork chop, or scrambled eggs instead of fried eggs.
  • Ask for some time to work on a hobby without interruption.
  • Ask a family member to take in a movie you want to see.
  • Ask a family member to stop doing something that annoys you.

Get in the habit of expressing what you want and then feel the delight when you get it. It may be uncomfortable to ask in the first place, but the reward will outweigh the TEMPORARY discomfort.

Once you get in the habit, start expanding your asks outward into other areas of your life. It won’t take long until you become an exemplary Askhole – and a successful salesperson!

To Your Success!

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