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Here are 5 Simple Tips To Make Your 2013 A Great Year!

Goals are a great tool for motivation if set and used properly. But if you don’t use them correctly, they can also be a source of great frustration. So how do you turn your goal into something that is a

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The Lesson From the Paper Maps from Service Stations

Chances are many of you don’t even know about let alone remember the paper maps we used to get at Service Stations or as we say from where I’m from, Filling Stations. For those of you who do remember, I’m

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Lemonheads…the little box of BIG SOUR

Remember Lemonheads? No, not the alternative music band… the little blue box with pea sized pieces of candy made by the Ferrara Pan Candy Company! They’re only the size of a pea but they are sure pack a mighty sour! Heck,

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Do You Have The Five Behaviors To Success?

There are a stacks of books about how to be successful, I know I have read many of them over the years. A few stick out as favorites and others slip into the vagueness of memory. There five simple behaviors

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There’s magic in that pen. Use it wisely

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend a high level mastermind in Chicago conducted by my friend, mentor and coach Scott Manning. Scott had several of his national clients there and the meeting was very powerful. This time I

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You’re No Dummy Jack!

Today while on a call with my good friend Dr. Jacquie Calder of Behavioral Science Research Press, or BSRP for short,, they are the sales call reluctance people, about a sales call reluctance issue she said to me… “You’re no

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