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What keeps you (and your business) going?

What keeps you (and your business) going? Motivation is a tricky and very personal thing. Every person has different things that flicks their Bic; that floats their boat; that makes them put the pedal to the metal. What about you?

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Think D.U.T.C.H for Success

Disciplined, Uncompromising, Tough, Courageous and Humorous (D.U.T.C.H). These are the 5 main attributes I’ve noticed the most successful people have in common. I remember reading about a study of the main personality traits to be found in the world’s high

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It’s Time to Step Up; Develop Leadership Skills

With the recent world events unfolding… I think it might be a great time to examine Leadership! “For what we’ve discovered, and rediscovered, is that leadership isn’t the private reserve of a few charismatic men and women. It’s a process

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Are You Trapped By Old Beliefs?

Have you ever wondered what kinds of beliefs you have stored away in your unconscious that silently influence your choices? Take a good look at your situation, including your friends, your work, your loved ones, your job and even your

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3 Keys to Self-Improvement and Motivation

Do you know these three simple keys to self-improvement and motivation? 1. INSPIRATION. Inspiration is critical to staying motivated and improving oneself. If you are not interested in your business, your motivation level will never be high and you will

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It’s Only Make Believe, But…

This past week I worked with a group of professional over-the-road drivers to help them gain more skills to teach newly commercial licensed drivers how to be professional and safe drivers. I am always impressed with the how professional and

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Well Dang-It … I’ve Lost My Keys

Have you ever lost your keys? I mean really lost your keys? I have! My keys were so lost, my friend, Jack Needham called a friend of his who was a psychic. Not that I believe in psychics but Jack’s

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Lemonheads…the little box of BIG SOUR

Remember Lemonheads? No, not the alternative music band… the little blue box with pea sized pieces of candy made by the Ferrara Pan Candy Company! They’re only the size of a pea but they are sure pack a mighty sour! Heck,

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