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When High Performance is Your Goal

And the Award Goes To… From our earliest competitive and social interactions, where there is not a publicly displayed score to determine the outcome and we are in the running for an award, those five little words immediately create an

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Grow Your Business Like You Grow Hydrangeas

To keep your hydrangeas healthy, thriving and to keep them in shape along with flowering profusely they must be pruned every year.  The same is true for many of the other flowering  plants. Dead or sick branches can affect the

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Do You Run Your Business with a T-Shirts and Tattoos Perspective?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the brand name of an item and the Discount house brand? Here’s a hint I’ve discovered with t-shirts that might help! I noticed when I purchased my t-shirts at the discount

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Reframe It: Gift Wrap Objections

There have been times in your life when people tried to convince you that what they were offering was better than it seemed: Remember that  time an unscrupulous used car salesman pitched a lemon at you, he called the high

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I Think I Need A Pacemaker

“What? You need a pacemaker?” you ask. Yes, and you probably do too. Yes, I do, but not the kind of pacemaker you’re thinking about. No, my heart is fine… at least as far as I know. I am fortunate

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Too Many Irons!

It amazes me how, when a person has too, they can handle multiple priorities at seemingly one time. There is a danger in that though… if you don’t have a way to track the projects you have and are committed

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I’m thankful for…

We all have many things and reasons to be thankful and because we all have so much it’s easy to forget or just as easy to take for granted what we have. There have been times when I wished for

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Where do you think?

Sounds like a very strange question doesn’t it? It’s not “What do you think?” it’s “Where do you think?” Where do you go when you want to create? A paper, a message, a proposal? If you don’t have a place

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Walter Brennan, ol’ Jim and Jack

I know, the title of this week’s e-mail sounds like a cocktail but it really isn’t… This happened few years back when I was with a major property and casualty insurance company in the role of recruiting and training new

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When the Team Doesn’t Win and Plans Go Awry…

When the team doesn’t win and plans go awry as they sometimes do… here’s a little something to keep in mind. Tommy and I sat down this morning to talk about some upcoming trainings, coaching and speaking engagements as we

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